Training by NGO

Training by NGO "VoRAE" on "Budgeting and Finance"

One of the most important and priority sectors during the activity of an organization is undoubtedly finance.

Therefore, on: 02 and 04.09.2020, a training was held in the field of "Budgeting and Finance", with civil society organizations such as: "Vision 02", Gjyrakoc / Istog and "Durmish Asllano", Prizren. Working for Roma communities, Ashkali and Egyptian.
The lecturer was Mrs. Donjeta Krasniqi Elezaj, Manager of Finance and Administration and Mr. Senad Ibishi, Employment Officer from the NGO "VoRAE".

The training aimed at capacity building and skills development in terms of "Budgeting and Finance", for the organizations in question, contributing to the advancement of their work techniques, in relation to the implementation of activities which develop as organizations of society. civil.

Holding mentoring trainings with civil society organizations in this field, specifically in providing new working techniques in finance and budgeting, is of particular importance in improving, advancing and professionalizing civil society organizations working for the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities such as and in fulfilling the Voice of Rome, Ashkali and Egyptians (VoRAE) NGO show.

Finance and administration manager Mrs. Donjeta Krasniqi Elezaj, has clarified the key points regarding the training "Budgeting and Finance", which are related to the work and activities that these organizations will follow in the future.
But what do the participating NGOs actually benefit from this training?

Using the acquired knowledge to create training modalities which will have the opportunity to learn more about how to do it:

- Explaining and sharing ideas on forms of Budgeting and Finance;
- Organization, reporting and forms of budget planning;
- Administration of forms used in budget and finance;
- Management and maintenance of application programs in budgeting and finance.

The NGO ‘VoRAE’ is continuously working on improving the conditions of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, where from this training will come the recommendation points for the organizations we are working with, as part of the training “Budgeting and Finance”.