The importance of education

The importance of education


Strong countries have large investments in strengthening the education system, that of course does not happen by accident. Countries with the highest quality of education are also the most powerful countries in terms of economy, culture and politics.

Through education we achieve the key to success and progress of the society who invests in education can develop and thrive. The government, education professionals and civil society must work to make quality education as a priority in Kosovo, so the education can meet the needs of the market. Investing in education is definitely an investment of future and it is crucial for employment and overall social progress.

Kosovo has the lowest number in the region when it comes to pre-school education of age 0-6, caused by a lack of infrastructure and staff. We all know that education is necessary and very important because education helps the new generation to form and educate, honestly and responsibly.

From ancient times, Aristotle said: "The educated differ from the uneducated as well as the living from the dead."

Education and schooling - without each other they are not complete, or can be said to be crippled.

They said, "Wisdom without education is like fire without wood, and education without knowledge is a soul without a body." A person can be very educated, but without education cannot healthily interpret knowledge, neither in others, nor in one's own children.

In principle, the main issues of life do not change, they change from one state to another, we can change as human beings, old mentality, way of thinking, understanding and acting, etc.

Without a radical change in oneself, a person thinks differently, speaks differently and behaves differently. On the contrary, learning and knowledge of schooling without education lead nowhere, knowledge can’t be explained, is acquired; laws are not learned, they are proven.

Why is education important?

- people become better citizens with education;

- knowledge of the importance of voting, only through education;

- This will help you find a job;

- people can tell the difference between good and evil;

- They will work hard to grow and develop;

- help create a better society for life;

- Become a respected citizen of the law and the state;

- Try to improve the country;

- They raise children as honestly as the future of the country.