"I'm not too black 'or' how black 'you hear it secretly" 📌

If one morning you wake up and are not who you are, end up with the morning routine, go out for breakfast and from your home to the place where you started to encounter different views, contemptuous, regretful or derogatory.
Sitting in the cafe and waiting longer than other customers, the coffee comes and the waiter does not wish you a good morning, other customers talk about you while casting contemptuous glances, 'I'm not too black' or 'how the black man listens to it secretly. In the five jobs where you applied (although with a more than sufficient qualification) you were not accepted for the most banal reasons, and somewhere you were not considered at all. Your friends are not many and those you know from childhood are the same people you know today after almost more or less two decades of life.
Eh this, exactly this, is pure racism. A silent war that not even a single person in the world should face. A phenomenon as disturbing as it is terrifying. A pure prejudice over skin color that you have not chosen.

#SocialJustice #meshikongjyrenesyveelekuresnukkarendesi #vendperkrejt