"Education builds the foundations of a healthy society"


Education for equality means the education of all regardless of religion, regardless of nation, regardless of gender, regardless of economic and social status, regardless of race, regardless of diversity, regardless of physical, mental, etc.

Education helps develop a strong, democratic and economically sustainable society, so in a multiethnic society like ours, equal education is evidence of a healthy and democratic society. Where the key concept of forming a future personality, is equality.

Therefore, education for equality derives from the human right to be equal, it is a human premise, it is something inalienable that belongs to every individual, in whatever society he is. If we refer to our society in general, we can talk about a positive development these years, the last decades for equal education, education is even more important for children, because they are the future of the world.

Education as a process starts from birth and is very important as a process, in early childhood in any society, therefore it is no coincidence that developed countries give an important role especially to the formation of the child in early childhood, in preschool and other institutions, thus laying the foundations, the foundations of a healthy personality development.

Through education, you can make the world a better place to live.