"Dreams that you never realized, live with your children - go to school "

You brought them into this life as the most beautiful creatures with angel faces who gave you the epithet parent, and your life took on meaning, where despite the vicissitudes you went through you already had an ideal to live in - the ideal was precisely this child.
This child whom you have thought and imagined many times what his / her arrival would look like and feel ... But, have you ever wondered who he / she will be when he / she grows up, and what the trajectory will be have his journey ?!

You who had dreams that you never enjoyed, that remained only as desires which in time were extinguished in impossibility to be realized and the waves of life flooded them, sinking them to the bottom of a well; The dreams that were held hostage to you, have you ever considered living with your children - schooling. To one day decide for themselves and their lives to be useful to you, to family and society; to one day be an example and inspiration to others to come, to be each other's hand and arm when one day they become one.

Listen to the children at school - let your child start the dance of knowledge, taking steps towards the future even though the steps can sometimes be confusing, but only by taking them further will they learn the game of life that leads - "Education" .

They say: "The tongue has no bones but the bones grind", and do not let the bones and souls of your children grind your bones out of humility, ignorance and cynicism.
Even if you reach the pedestal, some will look down on you, bending your trajectory and will say: "is he the gypsy or the witch" ... Yes, yes, exactly that gypsy and witch, who in fact may be a Roma , Egyptian or Ashkali, who work hard and was educated to look at it from exactly the angle you now enjoy.

Some may even judge you and build walls for you because of the color of your skin - a color that accompanies us every time the sun sets, a color that makes us see the beauty of the moon and the dance of the stars deep up there; color without which even the mosaic would not have the splendor of its colors.
Therefore, become the guides of your children to be the creators of their dreams; journey in which the thread can even be tied knots, the seam is also tangled. But, there is still no reason to give up even if they start again from the beginning, because there is always a second time and life knows to offer us opportunities, you just have to look for it and find it.

And never forget: You did not give up even when you were deprived of existence in times of war and genocide, do not give up now in freedom, show the world and society that you learn and work hard, that you are worthy and worth it.


Voice of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians in Kosovo
August 2020