Come on, you can do it too!

Come on, you can do it too!

The peer to peer activity is carried out by the NGO VoRAE and funded by the Roma Education Fund. This activity is supported by high school students who help their VIII and IX grade peers in the process of career guidance.

High school students who support their peers in empowering them, strengthening their learning capacity have passed a number of criteria to prove to be an excellent success at the upper secondary level. They also attended a two-day training to take on their responsibilities and obligations.

Although they cannot perform Peer to Peer activities in school buildings because of the decision made by MEST as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shkurta Ali, a graduate student at the Isa Boletini school  of Economics in Podujevo, chose the nature for discussion with students in VIII and IX grades about their challenges, graduation test, future successes and career choices.

The purpose of the activity is moral support and taking models with positive aspects in recording a high intermediate level, stimulating scholarships that guarantee the achievement of learning outcomes and reducing school dropouts.

Also, a very distinguished graduate Gentiana Morina from the High School" "Selajdin Mulla Abazi" from Rahovec offers support to students of VIII and IX grade in raising the quality of teaching to overcome the challenges in high school and career guidance.

To achieve the desired results, it is necessary to work with parents in order for students to gain the right priority in the learning process.