Education is one of the most important actors in our lives. By being educated we learn and develop personality, mental abilities, physical and moral strength. In a word, education is the only key to success in personal and professional life.

It is a continuous process, which begins from birth and continues until death, so as such a process is a world in itself where we can explore and enrich ourselves with lifelong knowledge.
In different parts of the world there are communities and societies that continue to be marginalized and deprived of adequate integration into institutions and learning processes.

The most marginalized and prejudiced communities are Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians, ranging from lifestyles, education and intellectual development to social distancing.
All these are the result of the not at all favorable situation in the society in which we live and act. Therefore, their position in society still remains a challenge and an unresolved problem.

In such cases the Government should take measures by implementing adequate policies and strategies which would aim to improve the health sector, education, employment and other important actors that would affect the improvement of the overall well-being of these communities.

Often when it comes to these categories are "out of sight and mind" of the Government, institutions and the majority society.
While the future of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian children is unclear - AUTHORITIES MUST RESPOND.