Research on the phenomenon of anti-Gypsyism in Kosovo

Research on the phenomenon of anti-Gypsyism in Kosovo

The civil society organizations "Voice of Rome, Ashkali and Egyptians", "Terre des Hommes" and "HEKS EPER" in cooperation with the "Office for Good Governance" and with the support of international experts "Think International" and local "UBO Consulting", has started comprehensive national research on the phenomenon of anti-gypsyism in Kosovo in order to explain how anti-gypsyism is rooted in the citizens of our country and how this phenomenon is manifested in society.

The research will be conducted through various forms including interviews and focus groups with members of the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, public and private institutions in order to document the presence of anti-Gypsyism in our country and its impact on the lives of community members. Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian.

If you happen to meet our researchers in the field, please answer the questions honestly so that your answers can contribute to improving the current situation, combating anti-gypsum, but also to changing policies in our country to offer a better life. dignified for all citizens of our country.
Cooperation with citizens will serve as an advocacy tool to improve policies and institutions in recognizing and combating antigypsyism.

In this regard, we thank you for your time support.

You can learn more about this research in the video below.