Roma Theater "Durmish Asllano" performed in Gracanica

On 24th January 2018, the Roma Theater 'Durmish Asllano' from Prizren projected their play Panta Rhei in Gracanica for the local audience. The House of Culture was full of interested individuals of different ages, counting approximately 200 viewers.

The performance has acheived its goal to present all the goods that the Roma have given to the society.

The projection of the performance in Gracanica was made possible with the cooperation between Durmish Asllano and VORAE and with support from the House of Culture in Gracanica.

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VoRAE Executive Director participates Roma and Ashkali Inclusion Seminar

02/21/2018 20:28

Today, 21st February 2018, the Office for Good Governance within the Prime Minister's Office in Cooperation with Office of the European Commission in Kosovo organized a Seminar on 'Roma and Ashkali Inclusion' Seminar.

VoRAE signs cooperation agreement with Municipality of Shtime

02/14/2018 10:00

VoRAE signed a cooperation agreement with the Municipality of Shtime for technical support on drafting and adoption of a Local Action Plan based on the Governmental Strategy for Inclusion of Roma and Ashkali 2017-2021.

VoRAE Executive Director meets the Mayor of Gracanica

02/06/2018 11:00

The Executive Director of VoRAE, Mr. Isak Skenderi meet with the Mayor of Gracanica Municipality, Mr. Srdjan Popovic on 6th February 2018 in order to discuss the current position of Roma and Ashkali communities in this municipality as well as cooperation opportunities

VoRAE launches Mentoring Program in 9 schools in Kosovo

01/26/2018 15:00

With support from the Roma Education Fund from Budapest, VoRAE launches the mentoring program for the secondary school students in secondary schools in Kosovo, with aim to further support the education process and increase the level and quality of education among Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian students.


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