Patriot Illayi,V-th class, Municipality of Shtime

The patriot is a fifth grade pupil, he attends school at "Lasgush Poradeci" in the village of Gjurkoc, the municipality of Shtime.

The Patriot family consists of 7 members, father, mother, siblings and brothers. Patriot is a pupil of the teaching center from pre-school to now V grade, he has always been regular at school and in the center.

Patriot from the pre-primary class expressed a will and willingness to teach also for the school. All this desire for the school has been empowered by the additional learning center program where the patriot was regular, and had enough space to continue developing his learning ability.

The patriot in the center achieves this learning lesson in these areas as language and math as he performs homework at home, while at the center he or she realizes repetition of teaching units, as well as preparation for tests conducted at regular school, as well as activities various educational and entertainment artifacts. Change in quality enhancement; of learning has been observed on the basis of the assessments that have been made where and Partioit's success proves better. In the academic year 2016/17, the success rate was 2.97, while in the first half of the 2017/18 year the achievement was 3.75.

His favorite subjects are: Albanian Language, History, Physical Education, and the last book he read was "Flower Clown" by author Luigj Gurakuqi, where this book has taken from the learning center.

For Patriot, the center has served as a space where his desires and dreams are taught and taught, and exercised, with continuous support from tutors.

Patriot at school has good manners is communicative, so social and cooperative with all peers.

The Patriot wants to become a cop who does not allow anyone to violate the rules, and to be a protection for society.

The hobby he wants to play is football because he thinks he has talent, where the patriot talent is expressed and the teacher has seen in him that there is movement of a career player.


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